JET AERO offers a complete life cycle of the aircraft with a full and flexible portfolio of material management services.
  • Sales of New Parts

    We offer a significant inventory of new surplus Rotables and Expendables. All material will be delivered with acceptable trace and certification documents.

  • Sales of Used Parts

    Our market knowledge of aircraft parts ensures Customer access to high demand used parts obtained from aircraft teardowns and/or various surplus packages.

  • Exchanges

    The question of whether to use an exchange service is really about time and money. If our Customers have a critical need for serviceable parts but don’t have the time to wait for their unserviceable part to be repaired, we offer serviceable exchanges at very reasonable prices.

  • Aircraft Teardown Management

    Our experienced staff has extensive knowledge of managing aircraft teardowns. We implement a highly efficient, cost effective process to deliver key material and nsure minimal discrepancies.

  • Repair Management

    We utilize only the most cost-effective and qualified repair facilities to meet our Customers’ high standards. We utilize a “best value” formula to ensure highest quality and reliable parts are returned to stock and/or delivered to our Customers.

  • Surplus Solutions

    We are in the unique position to offer top dollar for your surplus inventory. Our proprietary system of analyzing material from various channels allows us to quickly arrive at a fair offer that benefits both parties. We encourage you to contact us for all of your surplus sales requirements.

  • Inventory Management

    Using our proprietary system of analyzing inventory we can identify aircraft material with the highest market demand that delivers the greatest return. We are able to support consignment packages and offer access to a global market.

  • Consulting for Cost Reduction

    Our material planning experts have the experience necessary to evaluate your existing inventory and determine the optimum stock levels for your operation. With our system, all you need to do is decide on what your minimum acceptable margin will be for each part sale.